The Iowa Disability Creative Works Gallery (IDCWG) is an online creative works gallery that provides a virtual venue for persons with disabilities in Iowa to showcase their creative works and provide a means for marketing these works.  This is a free service for each artist and they are welcome to offer their works for sale and keep all proceeds.  They can add more work to their gallery at any time.

We encourage anyone with an interest in showing their creative works on our gallery to contact us. 

 Rachael Alhassan

Rachael Alhassan

The Disability Enterprise Foundation (DEF) is a 501C non-profit organization whose mission is to help persons with disabilities and retired elderly start up and sustain micro-enterprises.  We feel that building a website and gallery to showcase the creative artworks of this population fits our mission and enables us to bring to public attention the talents of people with barriers to promoting their artistic endeavors.

Staff and Support:

Jeff Larson, Administrator
Tom Walz, Project Coordinator
Maggie Burns, Outreach Curator
Kalmia Strong, Web Design Consultant