Lilith Maxine Hibbs


Born in Idaho during 1927, Lilith suffered a shattered left elbow at age 5 when she fell several feet onto a concrete floor while climbing in a southwest Iowa corncrib. A main nerve died when it became sealed in a mesh of healing bones. She suffered a stunted left arm frozen at the elbow despite 14 surgeries in Iowa City during the subsequent nine years. Long stays away from home for surgery in the Steindler Clinic at University of Iowa Children's Hospital engendered a competitive self reliance and fierce independence.

An intellectual genius and world traveler, she accomplished whatever goals she set, including championship golf in the women's leagues near her adult lifetime home in Wausau, Wisconsin. She literally turned a handicap into an advantage, noting the typical instructor's admonition to keep the left arm stiff through the swing of a golf club. With a grin, she'd say: "I never had difficulty doing that."

Painting has been a beloved lifelong hobby. She became an accomplished artist in oil, water color, and enamel oil on varied media. She never offered her works for sale commercially, giving many to family, friends, as prizes on request for various leisure banquets, and used others as decorations for her home.

Untitled $570
Lilith Maxine Hibbs c1970

Reflections $700
Lilith Maxine Hibbs 1992
Watercolor on paper14" by 20"

Preacher's Grove $500
Lilith Maxine Hibbs 1960
Oil on canvas 16-1/2" by 5-1/2" 

Untitled $650
Lillith Maxine Hibbscirca 1970
Oil on hardboard 12" by 24"

Bird in a Tree $575
Lilith Maxine Hibbs c1970
Oil on hardboard 16" by 20"

Prevailing Winds $575
Lilith Maxine Hibbs

Interrupted Solitude #3, $700
Lilith Maxine Hibbs 1999
watercolor on paper13" x 19"

Trees $400
Lilith Maxine Hibbs 200
Enamel oil on driftwood
Irregular 11" by 11"