Introducing our guest artists from Perm, Russia: Darnia Eremina, Tatiana Rozhkova , Anya Vyaznina, and Yulia Vasilyeva.

Anya Vyaznina                                                              Yulia Vasilyeva                                                                           Daria Eremina                                                                                     Tatiana Rozhkova

Anya Vyaznina                                                            Yulia Vasilyeva                                                                         Daria Eremina                                                                                   Tatiana Rozhkova

Anya Vyaznina, 22 years old. Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, cannot walk, can only move with someone’s assistance or in a wheelchair. Anya finished school, lives with her mom and dad. For four years she has been studying ceramics as part of the "Childhood. Equal opportunities” Program under the auspices of the Children’s and Youth’s Creativity Palace of Perm (Russia). For each child with cerebral palsy, their life is a story of overcoming limitations. This is true about Anya as well. She also has a visual impairment. After the first lesson with Anya, I thought about how to sculpt from clay with a person who was almost blind. This girl’s remarkable tenacity helped to overcome the challenge.  She learned to work by touch. Anya has a very developed sense of touch. Using fingers she can "see" what she sculpts. Gradually, Anya learned to accurately and carefully perform any creative tasks in modeling. Her rare calmness and a sense of humor are her assets. Even though at times Anya cannot make something fast enough, she laughs. She loves to feel herself beautiful, so we began to make a lot of jewelry. The most difficult thing when doing this was to assemble the parts. Imagine a blind person threading a cord into a bead! She did it using only her perseverance. By repeating these steps over and over again, she learned to collect beads of any complexity quickly. With her jewelry, we have “conquered” more than one party (her jewelry was successful at different parties). Then she got interested in the technology of making ceramic ware. We made several plates, cups, a soap dish, a teapot and a vase. When we needed to paint these, she would bring the paints close to her eyes, looked thoughtfully at them for a long time, and then would say that each color had its own character and its friends. Paints that were friends, in her opinion, were possible to put together on one item, and those which were not, could not be put on one plate. Thus, we were able to produced a friendly company of bright colorful unique pottery. Anya loves her dog called Varya. The four-legged darling was also captured in ceramics. Anya is full of creative ideas, rare optimism and desire to bring joy to everyone around her with her creativity!

Anya Vyaznina

Yulia Vasilyeva, 18 years old. Diagnosis: cerebral palsy, uses a wheelchair, is enrolled in a specialized school for children with disabilities but is taught at home by using a comprehensive school curriculum. Yulia lives with her mom, dad and brother. Julia is engaged in the "Childhood. Equal opportunities” program under the auspices of the Children’s and Youth’s Creativity Palace of Perm (Russia) which she has attended since she was seven. During the period of training, she mastered several types of arts and crafts, learned to sew, to embroider, and to work with paper. She always works enthusiastically and creatively performs the set tasks. Most of all Yulia likes fine art. She taught her six-year-old younger brother to love painting. Julia loves literature, cinema and mentors her own Internet group "In Contact". With her drawings and creative pieces of work, Yulia has participated and become the winner of various competitions and exhibitions. Her work "Nurse" was made in honor of the 70th anniversary of WW II. The work shows a negative attitude of the author toward the war, that’s why the action in the drawing takes place at night. A young girl is deeply hurt by the wounded comrade.

Yulia Vasilyeva

Eremina Daria, 17 years old. Disease: sensorineural hearing loss IVth degree. Enrolled in the regional specialized boarding school for deaf children and children with hearing impairment. Daria has been engaged in the program called "Childhood. Equal opportunities" under the auspices of the Children’s and Youth’s Creativity Palace of Perm (Russia) which she has attended since she was seven years old. She learned to sculpt from clay, mastered many kinds of decorative applied art: "Origami", "Macrame", embroidery and knitting. She loves to sew dolls and other toys. Daria lives with her mother. This is reflected in her work "A Family Portrait” which was made by her to participate in the regional "Our Happy Family" festival-contest for families with children with disabilities, and was awarded a diploma of the winner. Daria has repeatedly participated in various competitions and exhibitions. Her work "Winter Evening" is special in that it is a picture and at the same time a night lamp. It represents a picture of a house where batteries and LEDs are placed. On the wall of the house there is a switch. Ballerina is a doll on the frame, its distinctive feature is the unusual material it is made of: the entire doll is made of paper napkins.

Daria Eremina

Tatiana Rozhkova  Diagnosis: moderate cerebral palsy, can move with someone’s assistance, partial self-service. She also has a speech impediment. Tanya lives in Perm and goes to school where she is taught by using a comprehensive school curriculum. Tanya is the eldest child in a large family. She is a kind and caring sister, a responsive and reliable friend, hardworking and creative. Since 2009 Tanya has been engaged in decorative and applied art as part of the Childhood Equal Opportunities Program under the auspices of the Children's and Youth's Creativity Palace of Perm (Russia). She is keen on needlework and burning technique on fabric. Tanya creates bright, interesting, original articles using a variety of materials. She also loves music and is studying computer technologies. Tanya is an active and positive person who always achieves her goals as she overcomes difficulties she encounters on her way. She is actively involved in projects, festivals, exhibitions such as of the city competition “Wonders Created with Your Hands", the regional contest "Christmas Eve", the all-Russian competition "Salute, Victory!", and the international competition "Open Europe - Open Planet".

Tanya Rozhkova