Would you like to see your artwork on our gallery? 

Your art work, including paintings, photos, etc., or pictures of three-dimensional pieces such as your own woodworking, sculpture, handmade beading, anything that shows your creativity, as well as biographical information can be sent to us using the instructions below.  

When we receive your submission, we'll take it to our review board for approval.  This is a revolving gallery and we are always looking for new artists.  The usual time period for exhibiting your work will be six months.  Artists who also have their own website are welcome to include the address in their gallery.  If someone wants to buy one of your works, we will give you their contact information for you to follow up; any amount you make in a sale is yours entirely.

There are no fees for showing your work on our website; this is a free service provided by a nonprofit organization:  the Disability Enterprise Foundation.

Please follow all of the instructions in the submission process shown below.  Fill out the submission form as completely as you possibly can.  Don't forget to include your name and personal data on the form.  If this procedure is unclear, simply contact the curator, Maggie Burns, at contact@idcwg.org.   If you don't have email, call Maggie at 319 621 4401.

Right click HERE and select "Save Link As" to download submission form. 

Fill out submission form, save it, and attach it in an email to:       contact@idcwg.org

Please Note: After downloading the submission form, fill in your name and save the document before you fill it out the form completely.  If you don't have the right PDF editor, you may not be able to save the content that you have entered.  If this is the case, you can either print out the form and fill it in and mail it, or scan it and send to us as an attachment, or use it as a guideline to provide all the information we need and send it to:  contact@idcwg.org.

or   Tom Walz
         1 Westgate Circle
         Iowa City, IA 52246


We will also need you to send photos of your artwork as attachments by email.  If you live in or near Iowa City and have difficulties  acquiring photos of your work, we can arrange to come to you and photograph or scan your works of art.  (This service may not always be available.)

If you have questions about this process, you can call

Maggie Burns at 319 621 4401,  or by email at:    contact@idcwg.org


Thank you for your submission!   We are very excited to see your work.